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John Boos & Co. cares about the environment by selecting sawmills that practice renewable and sustainable forestry. Our sawmills carefully select and harvest mature trees that will allow the canopy to open, giving natural sunlight to the smaller saplings below. This allows new natural growth throughout the harvesting process. John Boos & Co. also gives back to the community by providing excess sawdust to local farmers for livestock bedding.



NexTrend Garlic Twist

Presenting a faster, easier way to chop and mince garlic -- the new 3rd generation Garlic Twist! With its updated, ergonomic design, the Garlic Twist peels, crunches, and minces with just a few easy twists. With its patented, ingenious design, it gets perfect consistency every time -- that can easily be transferred to your cooking. Garlic Twist is the only kitchen accessory that allows you to control the coarseness of your garlic. Just whack cloves with the Garlic Twist and easily slip off the skin quickly. Then drop cloves into the Garlic Twist, close and with a few twists mince the garlic to your desired texture. There is no complex or electrical parts so clean up is a snap. Just give it a quick rinse or drop it onto the top rack of your dishwasher. Garlic Twist is durable, simple to operate, and is much easier on your hands and safer than chopping or pressing. The more you twist the finer it gets!